Anton Rahmadi
Functional Food: Antioxidant and Post Harvest Handling
Network and System Security Analyst

Anton Rahmadi
My passion is always in knowledge, producing cutting edge research, research collaboration, and inspiring others to achieve their best.
I love to hear fresh ideas from my students, self learning motivation is always a big advantage to explore the sciences. For me, there is no absolute truth in science. The current truth means the least deviation of consistency according to approved scientific tools of analysis.
I do remember that the purpose of life journey is not to discover a new land, but to have a new insight.
Functional Foods
Mandai (traditionally fermented Artocarpus Campeden)
Hybrid Sun and Electric Dryer for Herbal Products
Research Interests: Cellular Biochemistry, Fermentation, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Bacteria and Fungi
Additional Research Interest: Statistics and Database
Best Presentation in Session, Annual Research Forum, University of Western Sydney, 2012
DGHE Scholarship awardee, 2009-2012.
AusAID Scholarship awardee, 2007-2008.
4th winner in National Vocational Student Competition in Information Technology, as Coach, 2004.
Cum Laude, 2002.
Finalist for University Best Student Award, 2001.
Best Student Award from Fateta-IPB, 2001.
4th winner in Indonesia-Korea Essay Compettition for Senior High School Students, 1996.
PhD in Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Neuroscience, University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown AUSTRALIA
Master Science in Food Technology, University of New South Wales, Sydney AUSTRALIA
Sarjana Teknologi Pertanian, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor INDONESIA
For Food Technology - by request
For Information Technology - by request